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Twtxt Extensions

There are some optional and fully backwards-compatible extensions to the original Twtxt File Format and Twtxt Discoverability Specifications.

All those extensions have the goal to improve interaction and some of them are the result of what a lot of Twtxt feeds had settled on anyways, long before yarnd was born. So not all of them are inventions by, but rather just a formalization of what was already being actively used by the Twtxt community.

None of these extensions are required, they’re completely optional, but of course we do recommend them. If you decide to build (some of) them into your client, this ranking might help you getting started with the most important ones. Of course, any ranking is up to debate, but we do believe that the first two are the most useful ones clients should have.

  1. Twt Hash Extension in combination with Twt Subject Extension for forming conversation trees
  2. Multiline Extension for writing longer twts with paragraphs
  3. User-Agent Extension for discovering feeds with multi-user clients
  4. Metadata Extension for additional feed metadata like description
  5. Archive Feeds Extension for archiving and rotating long feeds

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